Shine Wellness Naturopath Logo Design

Design of Logo for NZ Naturopaths Shine Wellness Naturopathy. Went on to design a simple DL Flyer and exterior signage as well. As per image further below, there is the possibility of further developing the full brand guidelines to include more natural green elements in the future.

Shine Wellness Naturopath Logo Design NZ
Shine Wellness Naturopath Signage

This client was interested in developing a full brand direction that included natural elements, and these were the two main brand directions we suggested. However not everyone within the client business was in agreement with the direction to go, and budget and time dictated that the client stick with simple gold for now, and revisit some time in the future.  We look forward to developing this brand in the future, as we feel the natural element examples below really bring this natural brand to life.

Shine Wellness Naturopath Brand Design NZ
Shine Wellness Naturopath Flyer Design NZ