About Us

We are highly experienced visual designers with a red-hot passion for good design (hence the ‘saucy hot’ name!), specialising in both Web Design and Branding.

What makes Saucy Hot Design different?

We are a New Zealand design company providing high quality graphic design services and web design services for both large and small business. We make it easy for you with the ability to design and create everything required to brand, market and advertise your business.

We enjoy working with, and have extensive experience in, the design and build of websites, logo design and full branding, business cards and stationary, promotional brochures and adverts, signage, packaging, and much more, as well as website maintenance.

We will make you look good

We specialise in logo design and website design. We are established graphic designers with extensive design backgrounds, specialised in design for the web, as well as web developers, combining to form the ideal expertise for creative and functional web site design. Because of our graphic design background we have better design knowledge and skills than the average web developer, so we’ll make your site look great and stand out.

We will make sure your site is optimised for the web
We are not just graphic designers, we are specialist web designers. We build the html ourselves, or use WordPress CMS, so understand the technical aspects of how to optimise your site. This results in a site that can be updated easily and will load quickly.

Value for money
We offer a professional service for a fraction of what you could pay if you were going through a big design company, web company, or an advertising agency.

Please check out our portfolio – a collection of some of our work to date.

We are capable and excited about working in any area of graphic & web design, and would love to work with you on your next project.