Website Maintenance

‘Maintenance’ is a term used for any changes or updates you may require on your website. It is always a good idea to make sure that the content on your site is not outdated, so small updates are recommended regularly.

Why is website maintenance so important?

Google and other search engines like new content, so it is recommended that you make an effort to make changes or additions to your website reasonably regularly.

It is also important for your website to look professional at all times – your website is your shop front and at the same time reflects your company’s image, values and professionalism. It is therefore important that any updates made don’t compromise the existing design integrity in any way. Hence, we recommend that we make any updates for you – which we can usually do within a short time after receiving the emailed request (unless the required changes are more major overhauls).

However most of our websites these days are built in WordPress and are fairly easy for clients to make easy blog/news/text edits to, and we are happy to provide logins and training for this.

WordPress updates versions, plugins update versions, and although most of this happens automatically, there are occasions where urgent manual updates are required to keep sites secure and compatible. We will contact out clients when this happens, to approve the maintenance work.

What does website maintenance cost?

An hourly rate of $100 +GST per hour applies to all our work, including small website updates and additions. We have a minimum of 30mins charge per month if a single change is made, unless regular small updates are happening and we have an arrangement in place. There is no charge at all if no changes are made.

Regular maintenance/additions (e.g. monthly news) – we can arrange a price to suit, so please discuss this with us.

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