Logo Design

We love to design logos, implementing truly successful logo design, whether it be a brand new company logo, or revamping an established one.

Logo Design with Saucy Hot Design

As experienced logo designers, we provide excellent business logo design and brand design, expertly applying the new look over a wide range of collateral, creating a strong brand presence. We will talk with you to understand your business values and customer needs, then provide you with custom logo concepts that meet your needs.

Logo Design Costs

We charge a rate of $95+GST per hour for logo development. How much it costs is a little bit like how long is a piece of string… but don’t let that put you off. The variation in price all depends on the level of design required, the number of concepts you want us to come up with and the amount of variations and changes you wish to make developing the concepts to get to the finished product.

Logo design / development costs between $350-1,000+GST with the odd logo development being higher or lower than that. We offer concepts to begin with, then fine-tune or further develop your preferred options until we come up with a result you are happy with.

If you have a set budget, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it work.

Brand Design: applying your new logo and branding guidelines

logo design

For graphic design that is unique and makes you stand out, choose Saucy Hot Design.