Claire Flynn, graphic designer, web designer, director

Claire Flynn

Claire Flynn

Director / Graphic Designer / Web Designer

Claire graduated with a Bachelor of Design with First Class Honours from Massey University.

During her time freelancing after graduating, Claire worked for Rubble Design, which then turned into a full-time job. After several years working for Rubble’s clients, Claire took over the graphic and web design side of that business when the opportunity arose, and enjoyed running Rubble Design alongside Saucy Hot Design in Auckland, and has now merged the two businesses into one and relocated to Rotorua.

“I had really got to know and love working for the Rubble clients, so I jumped at the chance to retain those working relationships.”

Claire loves the design side of her work, specially working with clients on new branding. However, Claire is also very experienced with and enjoys the technical side – building websites from scratch for the original designs she creates for clients, designing them to be both visually stunning, and highly functional.

When not in front of the computer, Claire loves being a mother, orienteering and mountain biking.

How did Claire get here?

“As a young child I had a wonderful imagination. I loved to paint, draw, make cards for people and get creative with almost any material. However, during high-school I concentrated more (and excelled) on the academic side, enjoying the challenges that maths and science provided. After gaining an A Bursary, but not being sure of my career choice, I traveled extensively in Europe, competing in sport for NZ, making friends with all sorts of people from different countries, and gaining fantastic life experiences.

At the end of my second lengthy stint in Europe, I realised that although I was interested in the sciences, I would prefer to incorporate my passion for the creative with a career. I have not regretted my choice for one second. I am so lucky to have a career doing something that I love, and which also allows me the flexibility to be a Mum at home as well.”

Claire is indebted to her talented and experienced team who kept the ball rolling while she was on maternity leave. She has now returned to work, but is based at home.


anna tokareva graphic designer auckland

Anna Tokareva

Anna Tokareva

Graphic Designer

Anna is driven by curiosity, a love of learning, and the satisfaction of connecting the dots to come up with unexpected solutions to problems. She has several years experience working as a graphic designer, with a focus on governmental organisations, the not-for-profit sector, and the arts and culture sector. She is a regular blogger for Frontier, a blog that covers the latest developments in fashion, design and visual culture, and for Concrete Playground Auckland. This work ensures that she is always kept up to date with current trends across the expanded creative field.

A background in Fine Arts helped Anna develop a clear research methodology, creative process and strong critical skills. She loves nothing more than to take on a project, get immersed in research, planning, ideation and chisel out an appropriate outcome.

In her spare time, Anna loves reading, drawing and working on personal creative endeavors. She is currently undertaking a Master of Creative Technologies at AUT.



Fraser Mills - Web Developer

Fraser Mills

Fraser Mills

Web Developer

Fraser became interested in the web in the late 90s while studying at the University of Auckland. He went on to complete a Diploma of New Media Design and has been developing websites ever since.

In that time he has gained experience in everything from simple brochure websites through to content management systems, e-commerce and custom business applications. This has given him knowledge in the full spectrum of technologies, from the back-end web server and database through to the front-end design and interaction with the user.

Fraser is based in Wanaka, and enjoy’s dealing with a range of clients and helping make the process of creating a website as easy as possible for them.

When he is not in front of a computer Fraser enjoys running in the mountains or orienteering.


wanda tambrin graphic designer

Wanda Tambrin

Wanda Tambrin

Graphic Designer

Wanda is a passionate designer with over a decade of experience in the graphic design and print industry. Garnering robust pre-press skills during her extensive career within the print industry, Wanda also focuses on brand, print and marketing design.

Wanda enjoys collaborating with clients to create effective ways to promote their businesses. She believes that a successful design solution is the result of creativity and insightful decision-making.

Wanda is based in Auckland, loves British detective stories, Japanese food and has a penchant for musicals.